Excess Electronic Inventory Sitting Idle and Taking up Valuable Space?

We buy and consign SMALL and LARGE lots of IC’s, Connectors, ACTIVE and PASSIVE Components.

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Line-Item Bids

In this process, your inventory is assessed, and each individual item is subject to bidding.

Lot Bids/Liquidation

After assessing your inventory, we provide a competitive proposal to purchase all of your surplus electronic stock.

Consignment/Revenue Sharing

Your surplus inventory is securely relocated to our insured and climate-controlled warehouse, distinctly separated from our primary stock. Under a contractual agreement, we earn a percentage from the sales of your excess inventory, while the remainder is returned to you. Opting for consignment not only frees up warehouse space but also has the potential to yield higher financial returns compared to liquidation.

What We Buy

Choosing any of our programs at X-Press Micro, Inc. to manage your excess inventory will establish your company as an environmentally responsible organization. Instead of scrapping your excess and contributing to a pile of e-waste turn your inventory into revenue while ultimately protecting the environment. Our team at X-Press Micro, Inc. is committed to fulfilling customer needs, and your dedicated account representative can assist you in customizing these programs to best fit your requirements.