Our Quality

Our Dedication to Quality Sets us Apart

Open market procurement requires a uniquely specific skill. While the vast majority of available product consists of excess unused components, there are many instances where parts are offered that have been “pulled” from boards and “refurbished“. In some cases, where parts are required for mature products, there may be no alternative but to consider this option.

X-Press Micro does not operate in this segment of the industry. We offer only new and unused components. We have implemented a strict incoming inspection and screening process to ensure that we identify refurbished or damaged components that have been re-circulated into the marketplace.

We pride ourselves on maintaining long term, high quality relationships with an ever-expanding network of suppliers in all parts of the world. All of our suppliers are subject to strict measurement. This program assures that we only source from quality suppliers. Each shipment is monitored for accuracy, timeliness and quality. Our quality control protocols tolerate nothing short of perfection and require that all components we ship meet or exceed your expectations.