If you need to have your car’s side window or windshield replaced, we offer San Marcos auto glass replacement services to replace your broken windows. We can serve all your auto glass replacement needs and we offer the highest quality materials that, combined with our excellent service, will leave your windows looking brand new.

We offer competitive pricing, along with a strong commitment to quality, that will guarantee you the best prices and customer experience! We have been in business since 1988, with over 160 locations across the nation!

Front and Rear Auto Glass Replacement

There are times when repairing a broken windshield is just as good as replacing it. We carefully inspect the damage to your windows and give you our expert opinion on whether they should be repaired or replaced. Generally, if a rear windshield has been damaged it needs to be replaced. Upon completing our inspection we will remove the broken windshield as well as vacuum the inside of your car to ensure that all shards of glass are disposed of properly.

The next step is replacing the windshield with a new manufacturer approved windshield. At this time we also make sure that your cars’ defrost is working correctly. We can generally replace a rear or front windshield within an hour however; we recommend you not drive your car until the new windshield has been in for one hour.

Side Auto Glass Replacement

Before we go about replacing a side window we always remove the door panel and inspect the damage as well as remove any shards of glass we find in the door. We will vacuum any glass shards found in your door and we will vacuum the inside of your car as well. We then replace the side window with glass approved by OEM.

We will make sure your window is working properly before we replace your door panel. In general, this process takes less than an hour and you can drive your car immediately after the process has been completed.